Yes, you can absolutely trademark a line of jewelry products. We’ve worked with many jewelry designers to secure their company name, logo, and/or tag lines. In the United States, the process of registering a trademark starts by filing an application with the USPTO. This agency then reviews the application, evidence, and other information during the trademark prosecution process, which typically takes about one year.

How Does a Trademark Protect my Jewelry?

Trademarking can help to protect the name, logo, and slogans that identify your brand. One key benefit of trademark registration is that a public listing of your trademark will be created in the USPTO’s online trademark database. A trademark search will show that you own the trademark (or have applied for it, if the application is still pending), thus deterring many competitors from attempting to register or use your trademark. The value of this particular benefit alone makes the filing fees worth it in my opinion.

Other benefits to federal trademark registration

  • You will have the exclusive right to use the trademark in the U.S. for Jewelry products
  • Most social media websites will take down pages infringing on your trademark
  • You will have the right to enforce your trademark in federal court, if necessary
  • You may be able to recover money damages if your trademark is infringed upon.
  • Federal trademark registration gives you the right to use the “®” symbol.

When to File a Trademark Application

Trademark applications can be filed in advance, prior to your company producing or selling any jewelry product on an Intent-to-Use basis. We can also file your application once you’re doing business. Trademarks are available on a first come, first served basis, so once you’ve decided on your brand name filing an application as soon as possible will give you the best chance of success.

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