How much does a trademark cost?

Our basic trademark search and application fee is $1500.00 flat, which INCLUDES the $225.00 USPTO government fee for 1 trademark in 1 class of goods, so long as the trademark is currently being used in commerce. This is a full-service representation during the prosecution of your trademark application. Our firm drafts and submits the necessary paperwork and corresponds with the USPTO examining attorneys on your behalf.

I want to add more classes to my application. Can you assist?

Yes. Adding more classes to your application is advisable if you’re seeking a broader amount of trademark protection and your goods and/or services fall within different classifications. Each additional class is $600.00, which includes the USPTO filing fee. Please let us know before your application is submitted if you would like to add classes.

Are there any additional fees?

Usually no, if your trademark is currently being used in commerce and you haven chosen a distinctive trademark. If the trademark is not currently being used in commerce and your application is filed in advance on an intent-to-use basis, then additional fees will be required to file the required supplemental Statement of Use (if the trademark application is allowed by the USPTO). If the trademark application is refused by the USPTO due to conflicting trademarks or other legal issues, then additional fees may apply if you choose to appeal the refusal.

What does Use in Commerce mean?

Part of the trademark registration process involves demonstrating to the USPTO that your proposed trademark is actually being used in interstate commerce to identify your goods or services. Thus, in the application materials the applicant is required to submit photographs and/or other evidence to this effect. If your not currently using the trademark in commerce, but still want to register your trademark, you can reserve your trademark by filing an intent-to-use trademark application. In this case, the photographs (also known as specimens of use) are submitted at a later date in order to give the applicant additional time to start using the mark in commerce. Our service includes advising on this issue and coordinating submission of the specimens of use.

Can you register my trademark Internationally?

Possibly, but we’ll need to discuss first. International trademark applications are complicated and not all clients are eligible. Send us an email to schedule a free phone consultation.

I've done a trademark search on the USPTO website and didn't find any conflicts. Does this mean my mark is available to register?

Possibly. Performing a basic index search of the USPTO TESS database (simply typing a word into the search box) is only the first step of the trademark search process. Several other searches are required to gain an accurate assessment of the availability of your trademark. It’s also important to consider that the main value of a trademark search is derived from a proper analysis of the search results, which requires advanced knowledge of trademark law and the trademark registration process. For more information about how to conduct a trademark search read our blog article about this topic.

How long does it take to register a trademark?

Once the application is submitted to the USPTO, it takes them about 4 months to review it. After it’s reviewed, the remaining processing time varies in length depending on whether or not the examining attorney detects any issues with the trademark or if any conflicting trademarks are already registered. The best case scenario is that the trademark is accepted (or allowed if filed on an intent-to-use basis) and the remainder of the process takes about an additional 6 months.

I'm ready to get started. What do you need from me?

In order to get started, we’ll need you to fill out a short questionnaire sign our engagement agreement, and pay your invoice online. Once these items are complete we’ll perform your trademark clearance search and file it with the USPTO within 2 business days.

I still have questions. Can we discuss?

Absolutely! Please feel free to send us a quick message and we will respond via email and schedule a time to chat. Our business hours are Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and short phone consultations are free.

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