This seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions here at Total Trademarks, so here’s a run down on the costs of a trademark application:

Our basic U.S. trademark application service costs $1500 for one trademark that’s currently being used in commerce. This includes the legal fees and filing fees for one class of goods or services. Trademark applications can include multiple classes, if the client wants to broaden the scope of protection, but the minimum fee is $1500.

A trademark application can also be filed in advance of using the trademark in commerce by filing an intent-to-use application – which is more or less a trademark reservation. Under this filing basis, the applicant may also need to file a Statement of Use (if the application is approved AND the client begins trading in commerce) and the Statement of Use fee is $500.

Trademark applications can also be filed internationally and the fees depend on which countries the applicant wishes to apply in. Contact us for more details.

While it is important to consider the costs – the most important factor is the skill of the Attorney who is drafting and prosecuting the application. The trademark application process is complicated and generally takes at least one year. There’s a lot of things that can happen during that time and you’re going to want a qualified Trademark Attorney on your team.

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