At Total Trademarks NYC we’re only a stone’s throw away from Etsy Headquaters in Brooklyn, New York and we’ve worked with many local Etsy shop owners to protect their trademarks. Trademark registration provides Etsy shop owners with the following benefits:

1. Trademark registration gives you the exclusive right to use your Etsy shop name

Registration of your Etsy shop name will help prevent others from stealing your name! The USPTO will protect your trademark by refusing to register trademarks that are similar or confusing to potential customers, therefore facilitating your ability to create a strong brand.

2. Be visible search if people search for your Etsy shop name

With a trademarked Etsy shop name, customers searching by name are more likely to visit your shop and buy your products. 

3. Deter others from using your Etsy shop name

Trademarking your Etsy shop name creates a publicly searchable record of your trademark registration in the USPTO’s online database. This database is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and it’s easy to conduct a basic search. Many new Etsy sellers will research their store name options in advance to determine if a name is available to use.

4. Enforce your trademark in the Etsy marketplace

The Etsy intellectual property infringement policy provides that Etsy will remove allegedly infringing material from their website. Infringement is easier to prove with a valid trademark registration, so if you want to take the basic actions to protect your Etsy business then trademarking your Etsy shop name is a great place to start.

5. Stand your ground

Securing your trademark will help protect you from trademark infringement actions from other people. 

If you have question about securing a trademark for your Amazon business contact us for a free phone consultation.

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