It’s no secret that the restaurant industry in New York City is extremely competitive. In order to make it here it’s critical for restauranteurs to create a strong brand image by using distinct and creative trademarks.

The purpose of trademarking is to identify and distinguish products or services from different providers. There’s a big difference between David Chang’s Momofuku and the Panda Express and trademarking helps to communicate this fact. Mr. Chang and his Momofuku team are branding experts and their recognizable name and peach logo immediately conveys a sense of deliciousness to patrons who frequent their New York establishments. The Momofuku trademark has also helped Mr. Chang penetrate new markets with offshoots such as the Momofuku Ssam Sauce, which is currently available at Whole Foods Market and other grocery retailers.

Trademarks are important for restaurant startups too. Even if the business has only one location, securing the exclusive rights to the name and logo can help with online business listings, SEO, and other marketing efforts. Trademarking also helps to make an impression in the mind of the customer and therefore keeps them coming back (provided the food and service are good)!

So how do you trademark the name of your new restaurant? Give us a call and we’ll explain the process. We start by doing a preliminary clearance search to see if the name is available for registration and if so we’ll draft and submit your trademark application to the USPTO. The trademark prosecution process takes about 1 year for most trademarks, which involves a thorough review of the application by the Examining Attorneys at the USPTO, possible office actions, and a public opposition period. We’re experienced in this process so contact us for a free phone consultation.

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